Erasmus+ Sport project “Move4Nature” kicks off

Did you know that, based on the data available by the European Commission, 5 tonnes of waste is produced by the average European each year?


Mismanagement of waste by people and their actions is one of the causes of the environmental pollution that has a serious impact on human population and living organisms.


Although the Alpine Convention’s 8th Report on the State of the Alps confirms that the quality of Alpine air is still relatively good, the presence of mass tourism and outdoors sports activities such as hiking, skiing and biking in mountainous regions of Europe is indeed “leaving a trace”. Each year visitors and mountaineers litter the trails with plastic bottles, wraps, aluminium foil, cans, paper tissues and other. Luckily, however, each year after the season, volunteers and locals clean the popular routers and areas. 


Five partners from Europe form the partnership of the Erasmus+ Sport small-collaborative partnership Move4Nature which aims to use physical activity and hiking as a tool to promote green actions and environmental protection among the European youth.  

The project is led by Institute Impact (Slovenia) with a joint effort of four other organisations: ENGSO Youth (Europe), AJSPT Suceava (Romania), Center Veriga (Slovenia), and additional associated partner Mhor Outdoor (Scotland). 


Move4Nature kicked off in October in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a meeting which outlined the key activities of the project:

– Good practices collection;

– Local clean up actions in mountains of Slovenia and Romania;

– Guidelines for sport clubs on how to organise a clean up action which incorporates sport and young people;

– Final conference in October 2023 in Slovenia.