Slovenia moves for nature

Over the summer, Move4Nature partners Institute Impact and Center Veriga organised 5 clean-up hikes which took place all over Slovenia and welcomed 250 participants. 


Starting in a small town of Radovljica, Center Veriga decide to clean and hike up along a popular route towards the river Sava. While the location is popular for outdoor physical activites, it’s also hosts a few industry plants, including the local landfill which served as a finish point of the first Move4Nature action in Slovenia. 

Youth from Center Veriga cleaned up the hiking trail and the road nearby while hiking and enjoying the outdoors. 

Center Veriga continuted with the actions on the other side of their hometown, around and in the popluar hiking spot Šobec. Their third activity was carried out on the Slovenian coast, Debeli rtič, which officialy belong to the Slovenian Mountain Trail (the final stage of it). Because the weather did not cooperate, the club’s youngesters decided to engage in a workshop about green sport, enviromental protection and climate action. 

Institue Impact engaged more than 150 youngsters with a help of two primary schools and their physical education teachers. 97 students from rimary School Grm  joined the Move4Nature action which took place in Novo Mesto. While 120 youngsters and their teachers from II. Primary School Žalec joined the second Move4Nature clean up hike which took place in Žalec.