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Listen to our experts' tips on how to do clean up actions, guide a hike, protect the wildlife and motivate the youngsters to become agents of change.

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Would you be happy a stranger comes to your house and starts moving things around? Us neither. 

We never really hike alone. When outdoors, there’s wildlife all around us, and nature is their “house”. 

Hugo Rafael Soares Ferreira

European Regional Representative for Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW),
PhD student working with Eurasian spoonbills

Hugo on spoonbills, his daily work in wetlands and wildlife protection

The exceptional cases when removing plastic from nature is not a good idea

Re-think building rock towers while outdoors. 

Be respectful and emphatic when hiking or spending time in nature

Clean up actions

Being aware of environmental protection is necessary. But for clean-up actions to be effective long-term, partnerships with environmental institutions are a must. Among many tasks related to the protection of water, the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia also monitors the pollution in water environments in Slovenia.

Štefan Trdan

Ecotechnologist at Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia

Uroš Robič

Technical assistant at Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia

Štefan on Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia and their work in the field of pollution monitoring.

Uroš on how to organise a clean-up action that has a longlasting impact  on the environment and people involved.

Plastic Pirates – Go Europe! is a European Citizen Science campaign, in which school classes and youth groups collect and analyse plastic samples from streams and rivers.

Clean Coast is an annual clean-up and pollution monitoring action that takes place at the Slovenian seaside (on the coast).

How to attract and motivate the volunteers to join your clean-up action.

Why pollution monitoring is necessary.

Hiking & Inclusion

Many socially disadvantaged groups never had a chance to experience the outdoors. Hiking is considered a powerful tool to empower people from all walks of life because nature and physical activity offer numerous benefits that positively impact our mental, social and physical health.

Emily Bowie

Expert in Inclusivity and Outdoor Leadership, founder Scottish Outdoors Young Team

Emily on her work as a mountain leader that faciliates inclusion and introduces outdoor activities to vulnarable youngsters.

Did you know that often women underestimate themselves when it comes to hiking and avoid physical activities due to lower confidence?

How to organise a hike for young people.

Personal hygiene while outdoors? These are the steps to follow.    

education through sport

Sport is a powerful tool for the education of youngsters. Physical Education teachers have first-hand experience with the educational aspect of being active. 

Mihai Androhovici

Physical education teacher, president of Association Sport for All Suceava

Anca Serediuc

Physical education teacher, Trainer at Association Sport for All Suceava

Sport, especially physical education, is part of the general culture of humankind

Besides stronger health, sport also influences youngsters’ overall school and academic performance. 

How can we achieve behavior change in young people using sport as a tool

Motivating youngsters like a gardener -plant the idea of physical education.

Behaviour change happends through education. Mihai also believes in brining youngsters to the nature to teach them about enviromental protection and more.

Motivating youngsters to join hikes and be physically active in nature/ The best thnig we can do is to be “good example” for them. And also involved the parents. 

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