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Institute for Modernization and Physical Activity, Slovenia

Institute IMPACT (Institute for Modernization and Physical Activity) is an innovative international non-governmental organisation committed to modernizing the recreational sport and sport for all sector in Europe, and beyond. IMPACT strives to accelerate progress towards the active European society. At the heart of the organisation lies the belief that sport and physical activity should be accessible to people of all ages (and from all walks of life).

At IMPACT, we believe that sport positively impacts the World and serves as a tool for building a more cohesive, inclusive and active society. With its network of physical activity, kinesiology, health and economic professionals, the organisation uses sport as an innovative educational platform to advocate the importance of inclusion, sustainability, equality, physical and mental health, intergenerational and intercultural exchange, and lifelong learning. A lot of attention is given to development of new exercise programmes needed in modern - sedentary lifestyle.


We believe in intergenerational & inclusive approach to sport

We believe that sport positively impacts children and youth, and serves them as a tool for building lifelong emotional and social intelligence. 

It is never too late to be active. Sport is a powerful platform to help older generation cope with ageing, socialization and health issues. 

Inclusive sport activities benefit everyone. They connect individuals from all walks of life, and provide a sense of belonging and community. 

IMPACT focuses on the following activities

Cooperation with other sports organisations and local health stakeholders in the field of sport for all and active lifestyle

Non-formal education, organization of seminars and workshops for people working in sport and health sector.

Connecting high profile experts from various sectors to develop and implement innovative methodologies and toolkits.

Organization of various sport for all events.

Encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport and physical activities.

Project management and counselling.

Encouraging participation in health enhancing physical activity.

Research, development and applied activities in the field of physical activity and their effects on humans and the environment.



Ljubljana, Slovenia


Registered in Slovenia, 2021  

We believe that sport positively impacts the World