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Move4Nature project combines physical activity with “concrete” climate action. We use outdoor sports, particularly hiking, as a tool to teach youth, and adults, about the importance of the environmental protection and climate action. Through hiking and physical activity in nature, the project will facilitates inclusion and intergenerational exchange.

Co-funded by EU

Move4Nature is small (collaborative partnership) but mighty Erasmus+Sport funded project

About the project

The project addresses the general objective of the Erasmus+ Programme - to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in sport, in Europe and beyond.

Every year, millions of visits are made to nearby mountains, hills and parks. Due to pandemic and increased pursuit for outdoor physical activities this number is even higher. The huge number of visitors unfortunatelly brings overwhelming amount of rubbish to the countryside. The estimated amount of refuse collected in parks and mountains exceeds 3,000 tonnes per year.

To restore cleanliness in the countryside and promote environmental protection and the “leave no trace” message, participants of our “MOVE4NATURE” initiative will organise hiking events for a good cause. 

As a result of modern society and technology, the rate of growing physical inactivity is in alarming state, already reaching pandemic proportions. The researchers have proven that sport and physical activity, and nature, can play an active role in improving the lives of youth, as well as older people. 

The project will also encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines and the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity.

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partners of the project

Institute IMPACT (Institute for Modernization and Physical Activity) is an innovative international non-governmental organisation committed to modernizing the recreational sport and sport for all sector in Europe, and beyond. IMPACT strives to accelerate progress towards the active European society. At the heart of the organisation lies the belief that sport and physical activity should be accessible to people of all ages (and from all walks of life).

ENGSO Youthis the independent youth body of THE EUROPEAN NON-GOVERNMENTAL SPORTSORGANISATION (ENGSO) gathering national umbrella organisations for sport from across Europe.ENGSO Youth stands at the forefront of youth sport advocacy at the European level. It gives a voice tothe youth sport-for-all sector and represents young leaders under the age of 35 in sport in more than 30countries.


We operate by relying on advocacy, projects, policy and networking, with special focus on:

1. Sustainable development in and through sport;

2. Inclusion in and through sport;

3. Health enhancing physical activity;

4. Education and employability in and through sport;

5. Sports diplomacy;

6. Internal development and nourishing cooperation with ENGSO and itsorganisational bodies;

7. Internal development and nourishing cooperation with ENGSO and itsorganisational bodies

Mhor Outdoor is a not-for-profit social business that leads hikes for groups up hills in Scotland. Ourmission is to allow everyone in Scotland to access an outdoor lifestyle, for a healthier and more equalsociety. For every hike delivered for a corporate team – a hike will be organised for people who arefinancially or socially excluded from the great Scottish outdoors. We want to make an outdoor lifestyleavailable to everyone. Mhor Outdoor is a small organisation aiming to have big impact throughpartnerships. It currently has no permanent staff, but has two voluntary directors and is led by its founder Rachel May.

Društvo Center Veriga, Slovenia, is a regionally oriented club of volunteers and enthusiasts whose mainobjective is to wake and activate the local population through organising:

– sports / recreational workshops such as self defense for women, recreational activities targeting the elderly, various intros to new sports that are not yet well established in the region with aim to promote regular recreation, activity and healthy living,

– learning opportunities such as single time events focused on teaching the younger generation the basicsof natural movement such as crawling, rolling, walking, climbing, running, jumping etc- travel presentations from local rock climbers, world travelers and photographers,

– book presentations from local authors,

– artistic workshops in painting, photography, animation and design, we also have a steady 2 year runningfilm, animation and photography school programmed to prepare teenagers for entering and successfully passing entrance exams for the highest rated design and arts schools all over EU.

Considering our club members in adition to the members of the 2 martial arts clubs and a practical shooting association we share headquarters with we have a reach of over 300 people who visit us on regular daily /weekly basis.

With targeted actions and promotions we are able to reach our member’s relatives, friends and randome individuals, we would realistically assess our reach of activities toward 1000 plus people. Our club president is also a member of the local city council and is president of the local newspaper board therefore our activities are well promoted in local community, we are making a difference.

Association Sport for All Suceava (AJSPT Suceava) is a non-profit organization at regional level, a non-governmental organization, officially recognized by the Romanian Justice Ministry since 2002. Also in2002, our organization was officially recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport as a sportorganization. Starting with 2003, our organization is affiliated to the Romanian Federation of Sport for Allas as a full member. 


good practises collection

Collecting relevant information from existing resources (internal and external), including analysis of literature and best practise collection. Therefore collecting all the existing qualitative and quantitative data on the state of the art HEPA and physical activity after long-term absence, online workout, communication and digital literacy for trainers and green practices in sport.


A Hackathon event will be organised in order to exchange knowledge and experience, and to present desk research review and the collected best practices. Hackathon is a capacity building event, where experts gather together to exchange knowledge, brainstorm and work together to produce planned outputs.


We will develop an innovative training methodology and produce guidelines for trainers and coaches and digital educational tools for youth, which will provide efficient and attractive learning methods, using digital tools.


Partners will pilot test the developed innovative methodology in their national setting through hiking trail clean up activities, and provide feedback in order to finalise the tested deliverable.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.